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Fuelling growth through people

The Potentuel team is conducting an industry-wide survey for the railway sector to understand today's challenges, solutions, concerns, and the best way to implement the Great British Railways plan.

Add your insight, customer experience, and view the findings to-date.

Unlocking your people potential to fuel business growth

We’re a consultancy focussed on helping your organisation, leadership teams and shareholders evolve by unlocking the full potential of your people in a changed world with our tailored  three-phase strategic programme.

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How Potentuel delivers results

Understanding people is key. Understanding your business requirements is too.


Our Potentuel framework delivers success by establishing a universally successful destination (USD) with your people, for your people. A crystal-clear vision of where your business is heading, a north star for your people and the Potentuel phases that follow.


It goes beyond spurious mission statements and the like. Whilst those are familiar tools in the kit bag, they only speak to the mission, whereas a USD is a strategically important understanding that strikes the hearts and minds of your people.


We provide you with a bespoke plan agreed upfront that transforms your business by combining the ambition and creativity of right to left vision with the discipline and certainty of left to right delivery.

Our Potentuel team

Find out more about our team at Potentuel that are here to support you.


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