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The gap between young people's aspirations for work and the reality of their working conditions

Does your job need to spark joy?

Interesting insight in to the changing (changed) expectations of the younger generation.

We at "Potentuel" argue that this change is happening with talented folk of all ages. We want to work with visionary leaders who don't roll their eyes and put this aspiration for happiness and meaningful work down to the naive and impractical.

Rather this change shouldn't be suppressed and ignored, but positively grasped and encouraged.

Talented people expect to influence more than just where or how they work. They want to actively contribute to the mission, vision, innovation and commercial success of their enterprise. Unlocking this potential in a business-like way needs to be the priority, while ensuring that the newly empowered people understand their responsibilities and the business priorities.

To do this people need to have the trust to express their ideas, criticisms and feelings openly and safely without judgement. In return they will also have the maturity to grasp this new responsibility enthusiastically and seriously – and reciprocate with their everyday deeds and how they work with customers.

Crucially they will also be more likely to bring their discretionary energy and positivity to the enterprise and want to stay.


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