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Meet our Co-founder Steve

Steve’s career encompasses multidisciplinary and multi-industry commercially-led brand experience across marketing and business transformational roles.

“Together with your customers, your people are your strongest and most valuable asset in your enterprise - large or small. Success comes from them and them alone. Failure to enable and empower them will starve everyone of success.”

Classically serving C-suite business leaders Steve has supported start-up technology enterprises both in the US, EMEA and Globally, as well as helping to both establish and evolve several automotive manufacturer and publishing brands. Steve specialises in fuelling fast growth and business turnaround programmes, rooted in sound people-centric commercial dynamics.

Expertise to deliver
  • Full strategic marketing consultancy that speaks to sustainable commercial growth.

  • Intense concentration on defining business Focus, Purpose, Value.

  • Cultural employer brand focused programmes and narratives.

  • Brand neutral strategic planning.

  • Full go to market leadership.

  • Cross discipline people leadership.

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