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Evolving for the Future: Potentuel's Strategic Response to the Changing Business Landscape

The Potentuel approach is designed for organisations, leadership teams and shareholders that have realised the world has changed and that now is the time to develop a new relationship with their people and through them their customers.

With the right partner there is the opportunity to drive sustainable future business growth, competitive advantage, innovation - plus retain and attract talent in the post-covid world.

Potentuel can help evolve businesses to avoid broken experiences and promises to their people and customers.

1. Potentuel is a strategic programme with three inter-connected workstreams, starting with people engagement which powers a new improved service culture and in turn customer leadership. All three are developed concurrently and feed into the pursuit of the ultimate prize - a universally successful destination for everyone.

2. Potentuel delivers a strategic response to the business challenges of today, recognising that employees and customers have new expectations. It is designed to negotiate the opportunities and pitfalls of this new world.

3. It will work for servant leaders and shareholders who genuinely respect the views of their people, recognise them as their most valuable asset and primary source for future success, innovation, and competitive advantage.

4. A leadership that wants to listen and is prepared to change. They want to know – good and bad – how their people feel and what they think. They are keen to prioritise and enact their new ideas.

5. Potentuel will work in organisations where people want to be part of the future success of the business and have the trust to express their ideas, criticisms, and feelings openly and safely without judgement.

6. An organisation that wants to proactively attract, retain, and fully engage the best talent who think and feel this way.

7. A leadership team that wants to unlock their full people potential by applying a Potentuel commercial framework bespoke to their business and market context. They want to use processes and workstreams aligned to their financial year to ultimately develop the universally successful destination, with no daylight between the business plan, objectives, mission, vision, and the people plan of the organisation. Let’s Collaborate: Together, We Can Build a Stronger Future for the Rail Industry.

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